and 3 demerit points using a hand held mobile phone whilst driving.

fatalities in 2016 were a result of inattention (double the previous 5 year average).

Dangers of distracted driving

A distracted driver puts themselves, their passengers and other road users in significant danger. Mobile phones, kids in the back seat, activity on the road side, eating and drinking can all distract a driver. Keep your eyes on the road to ensure the safety of your loved ones and others.


Please visit the road rules and penalties section for information on mobile phones laws.

Using mobile phones while driving

The safest option is to turn your mobile phone off while driving.

Our research has found that 90% of WA drivers know texting while driving is dangerous, 57% still irregularly or regularly offend. The safest option is turn off your mobile phone when you get behind the wheel.

The use of a mobile phone while driving increases the risk of being involved in a crash by up to 4 times, and can:

  • Impair your ability to stay in your lane and maintain the appropriate speed.
  • Result in longer reaction times to unexpected events and traffic signals.
  • Reduce your field of vision increasing the risk of your involvement in a crash.
  • Impair your ability to judge distances and gaps in traffic.
  • Increase your mental workload, and in turn levels of stress and frustration.
  • Reduce your awareness of what is happening around you.

Avoid all distractions

Do you get easily distracted? Here are some tips to help you change your ways and become a safer driver:

  • Turn off your mobile phone when driving.
  • Adjust all vehicle controls before setting off.
  • Turn off your MP3 player when driving.
  • Take a break rather than eat, drink, smoke or groom yourself while driving.
  • Check a map before starting the journey to know what lies ahead.
  • Ask passengers to be quiet if you are having difficulty concentrating while driving.
  • Ensure pets are properly restrained in the vehicle.
  • Recognise what makes you distracted and avoid that activity when driving.
  • Make sure the vehicle’s windscreens and mirrors are clean and unobstructed.

Pre-trip preparation 101

✓ Check your SEATBELT 
✓ Check your MIRRORS
✓ Check your PHONE is on SILENT and Out of Sight