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2020 Forum Livestream

The Road Safety Council 2020 Forum Livestream is no longer available.

Event Agenda



Event opensProfessor Lyn Beazley
Road safety in WAWelcome to the forum - Video presentation
Welcome to CountrySandra Harben
Formal welcome and introduction to the MinisterRoger Farley, Acting Road Safety Commission
Road Safety Minister’s Official openingHon. Michelle Roberts MLA
Future of Road Safety in Western AustraliaRick Howe, Road Safety Council member representing the Insurance
Commission of Western Australia
An insight into the behaviours and attitudes of road users. What does the community really think about Safe Road Use?Liza Picton, Senior Consultant and Donna Van Bueren, Executive Director from Kantar Public
Future of Road Safety in Western Australia: Panel Q & ADavid Moyses, Deputy Road Safety Council member representing Main Roads Western Australia; Cath Meaghan, Deputy Road Safety Council member representing the Department of Planning, Lands and Heritage; Rick Howe, Deputy Chief Executive, Insurance Commission of WA; Donna Van Bueren, Executive Director, Public Consulting, Kantar Public

Morning tea and visit exhibition booths: 30 minutes

Austroads National View of Regional and Remote Road SafetyDr. Lisa Wundersitz, Senior Research Fellow, Centre for Automotive Safety
Research, University of Adelaide
Aboriginal Road Safety: A review of issues, initiatives and needs in Western Australia: Kimberley and Pilbara Road Safety ResearchMelissa Parry, Assistant Director Policy, Road Safety Commission
Delivering Remote Licensing Services in Western AustraliaMonica Dickerson, Remote Services Coordinator, Regional Services,
Department of Transport
Regional and Remote Challenges: Panel Q & ADennis O’Reilly, General Manager Regional Services, Department of Transport; Dr. Lisa Wundersitz, Senior Research Fellow, Centre for Automotive Safety Research, University of Adelaide; Melissa Parry, Senior Research Fellow, Centre for Automotive Safety Research, University of Adelaide ; Kirsty Kirkman, Acting Manager Data and Intelligence, Road Safety Commission
Safe JourneysVideo message from Iain Cameron, Chairman of the Road Safety Council
National overview of driver distraction Luis Gutierrez, Manager Productivity  and Safety, National Transport Commission
Introduction to Driver Distraction: State and national reforms: Panel Q & A Luis Gutierrez, Manager Productivity and  Safety, National Transport Commission;  Roger Farley, Acting Road Safety Commissioner; Rick Howe, Deputy Chief  Executive, Insurance Commission of WA;  Superintendent James Migro, State Traffic, Western Australian Police Force

Lunch and visit exhibition booths: 50 minutes

Technologies for sensing bicycles and their application at metropolitan   intersections  

Safer road crossings for pedestrians including older pedestrians and pedestrians with disabilities  
Dr. Michelle Fraser, Research Associate, University of Western Australia
Cycling PrioritiesMichelle Prior, Director Active  Transport and Safety, Urban Mobility, Department of Transport
Introduction to Motorcycle SafetyParik Lumb, Principal Policy Officer, Road Safety Commission
Motorcycle Safety in Western Australia: review of popular routes, crash risk factors and options to improve current state, based on Safe System approachHayley Lajszczak, Road Safety Research and Evaluation Manager, Main Roads Western Australia
Vulnerable Road Users:  Panel Q & A Dr. Michelle Fraser, Research Associate,  University of Western Australia; Michelle  Prior, Director Active Transport and Safety,  Urban Mobility, Department of Transport;  Parik Lumb, Principal Policy Officer, Road  Safety Commission; Hayley Lajszczak, Road Safety Research and Evaluation  Manager, Main Roads WA  
Innovative Vehicles and Mobility  Devices (State and national reforms): Panel Q & A Luis Gutierrez, Manager Productivity and Safety, National Transport Commission;  Rick Howe, Deputy Chief Executive, Insurance Commission of WA; Justin McKirdy, Executive Director Urban Mobility, Department of Transport; Dwight Kostusik, Traffic and Design Officer, City of Fremantle 
Automated Vehicles and Readiness of WA Roads (Phase 2): Suitability of WA roads for Lane Departure Warning Trial Dr. Jamie Mackenzie, Research Fellow, Centre for Automotive Safety Research, University of Adelaide 
Safe Vehicles and Older Adults:  Enhancing travel and mobility optionsDr. Jennie Oxley, Associate Professor, Monash University Accident Research Centre
Automated Vehicles and  Technologies: Panel Q & ADr. Jamie Mackenzie, Research Fellow,  Centre for Automotive Safety Research,  University of Adelaide; Dr. Jennie Oxley, Associate Professor, Monash University  Accident Research Centre; Sarah Macaulay,  Senior Manager, Public Policy, Advocacy  and Members Division, RAC; Alizanne  Cheetham, Acting Manager Strategic  Transport Reforms, Freight, Ports, Aviation  and Reform, Department of Transport
What have we learned?Professor Lyn Beazley
Official CloseRick Howe
CLOSE 4.00pm 

Speaker Bios
Prof, Lyn Beazley

Professor Lyn Beazley
Chief Scientist of Western Australia from 2006 to 2013

Lyn is an Officer of the Order of Australia and has been elected a Fellow of the Australian Academy of Science and the Australian Academy of Technological Sciences and Engineering, as well as a Companion of the Institute of Engineers.

Sandra Harben

Sandra Harben
Manager for Richmond Consultancy

Richmond Consultancy work with Aboriginal Heritage projects, support reconciliation development and provide services for Nyungar language, Cultural Awareness Training and Cultural Competency, Aboriginal Stakeholder Engagement, Aboriginal Recruitment and Consultancy services. 

Roger Farley

Roger Farley
Acting Road Safety Commissioner, Road Safety Commission

In his substantive role of Assistant Director Strategic Communications at the Road Safety Commission, Roger has been responsible for managing and shaping the direction of marketing and communications plans and strategies for road safety and other social marketing issues for 25 years.

Rick Howe

Rick Howe
Deputy Chief Executive, Insurance Commission of Western Australia

Rick was appointed Deputy Chief Executive of the insurance Commission of WA (ICWA) in February 2015. He has more than 25 years’ experience in senior executive and consulting roles in financial services.

Liza Picton

Liza Picton
Senior Consultant, Kantar Public

Kantar Public is a global company that supports clients to address the next generation of public policy challenges. Liza joined the Perth team in 2013. She is responsible for a range of key Commonwealth and State Government clients, working extensively on behaviour change programs to target problem behaviours.

Donna Van Bueren

Donna Van Bueren
Executive Director, Public Consulting Division, Kantar Public

Donna works internationally in behaviour change and citizen/public engagement and in policy areas such as road safety, public health, employment and cultural identity.  

David Moyses

David Moyses
Manager for Road Safety, Main Roads WA

David has worked at Main Roads for 27 years, spending the past 12 years in road safety. He is a member of the National Road Safety Task Force and represented Western Australia on an Austroads International Safe System study tour of Europe in 2008.

Cath Meaghan

Cath Meaghan
Planning Director, Department of Planning, Lands and Heritage

Cath is a town planner who studied locally at Curtin University. She has nearly thirty years' experience in planning, specialising in rural and remote areas.

Dr. Lisa Wundersitz

Dr. Lisa Wundersitz
Senior Research Fellow, Centre for Automotive Safety Research, University of Adelaide

With a PhD in Psychology and more than 20 years’ experience in road safety, Lisa has a comprehensive understanding of road user behaviour. She specialises in leading research involving young drivers, driver impairment (alcohol, drugs), driver distraction and the evaluation of behavioural road safety interventions and programs.

Melissa Parry

Melissa Parry
Assistant Director Policy, Road Safety Commission

Melissa has government experience developing social and public policy and strategy for regional and remote Western Australia and working. This includes supporting Aboriginal communities to develop tailored programs or policies to meet their needs. In her current role, Melissa assists in leading the development and delivery of the State’s road safety research and evaluation program.

Monika Dickerson

Monica Dickerson
Remote Services Coordinator, Department of Transport

Monica oversees the effective delivery of licensing services for regional and remote areas of Western Australia. She has more than 10 years’ experience in this field, working with a diverse range of stakeholders, including remote Aboriginal communities, to ensure the program’s ongoing success. 

Michelle Prior

Michelle Prior
Director Active Transport and Safety, Department of Transport

Michelle is Director of Active Transport and Safety at the Department of Transport and a member of the Road Safety Council. Having worked across government, transport planning and public health sectors, Michelle has the rare experience of understanding the complexities within each sector, and how these can be navigated to get great outcomes for the community.

Dennis O'Reilly

Dennis O'Reilly
General Manager Regional Services, Department of Transport

With 20 years’ experience as an executive within the public sector, Dennis is currently delivering an extensive and diverse suite of transport services across Western Australia into regional and remote communities.

Kirsty Kirkman

Kirsty Kirkman
Acting Manager of Data and Intelligence, Road Safety Commission 

Kirsty manages the Commission’s strategic, operational and tactical intelligence and analytical capability. She has spent the last nine years in the road safety context as a senior data analyst and has substantial knowledge of, and experience with, road safety-related data, research, predictive analytics and machine learning.

Luis Gutierrez

Luis Gutierrez
Manager Productivity and Safety, National Transport Commission

Luis has previous experience in transport and infrastructure policy advice in two State Governments. In his current role, Luis is leading the development of a technology-neutral approach for regulating driver distraction. 

Superintendent James Migro

James Migro
Superintendent State Traffic, WA Police 

Jim is a highly experienced operational police officer who understands the need and importance of proactive and reactive strategies to reduce harm on our roads and the linkage that research has in formulating such strategies.

Dr. Michelle Frazer

Dr. Michelle Fraser
Research Associate, WA Centre for Road Safety Research

The new Western Australian Centre for Road Safety Research is located at UWA. Previously, she worked and studied at the Curtin-Monash Accident Research Centre in road safety and injury prevention. In 2019, Michelle was awarded her PhD, which examined the safety issues surrounding group cycling in Perth.

Parik Lumb

Parik Lumb
Principal Policy Officer, Road Safety Commission

Parik has been heavily involved in the development of the new road safety strategy for Western Australia beyond 2020. He thrives on developing practical policy to address complex problems and conceptualising ways to bridge the gap between public views and evidence-based research.

Hayley Lajszczak

Hayley Lajszczak
Road Safety Research and Evaluation Manager, Main Roads WA

Hayley conducts research that translates to road design, policy and operational improvements in road user safety. She is an economist and program manager with more than 10 years combined experience in investment planning for large roads infrastructure projects and strategic innovation and research.

Justin McKirdy

Justin McKirdy
Executive Director of Urban Mobility, Department of Transport

Justin has more than 28 years’ experience in road and transport engineering and planning. This has included roles in local government, Main Roads WA and now as the Executive Director of Urban Mobility at the Department of Transport. 

Parik Lumb

Alizanne Cheetham
A/Manager Strategic Transport Reforms, Department of Transport

Alizanne’s manages policy development on strategic transport issues. such as electric and heavy vehicles. Previously, Alizanne was project manager for Automated Vehicle Reform, leading policy, legislative and operational reform to enable safe use of automated vehicles in Western Australia. Alizanne is an economist with an MA in Development Studies.

Dwight Kostusik

Dwight Kostusik
Traffic & Design Officer, City of Fremantle

Dwight has 12 years with the City of Fremantle in the Engineering/Infrastructure team. His role supports the design team by inclusion of safe system principals, catering for vulnerable road users and advocating cycle and pedestrian facilities within civil projects, as well as risk assessment and data collation to prioritise the City’s forward planning.

Dr. Jamie Mackenzie

Dr. Jamie Mackenzie
Research Fellow, Centre for Automotive Safety Research, University of Adelaide

Jamie completed a Mechatronic Engineering degree at the University of Adelaide, before joining the Centre for Automotive Safety Research in 2006. In 2015, Jamie was awarded a PhD, which investigated how braking interventions by electronic stability control affected loss of control events on Australian rural roads.

Dr. Jennie Oxley

Dr. Jennie Oxley
Associate Professor, Monash University Accident Research Centre

Jennie holds a PhD in psychology and undertakes a range of injury prevention research projects. She has made a significant contribution to the reduction of injuries to, and overall safe mobility of, vulnerable populations.

Sarah Macaulay

Sarah Macaulay
Senior Manager Public Policy, Advocacy and Members Division, RAC

Sarah is a chartered transport planning professional with more than 16 years’ industry experience in the UK and Australia. At the RAC, Sarah and her team develop and deliver research, collaborative projects and evidence-based policy and technical advice to support and inform RAC's advocacy activities.

Previous research has identified that road crashes in the non-metropolitan area are significantly more likely to result in more severe injuries compared with those occurring in the metropolitan area.

The ais of this research were to: